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Insider’s Guide to Food On and Around Campus

Whether you are dorming or commuting to campus, sorting out your meals might be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the La Sierra campus. Follow this quick insider’s guide to meeting all of your food needs, from snacks to meals on and around campus. You might have to focus on completing your homework, but you won’t have to worry about finding food to fuel your study sessions.

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Explore the Art Culture in Downtown Riverside, For Free!

Riverside, I’ve found, is a rather large city with a lot of hidden gems. The key to finding these gems is knowing where to look. One safe bet is that Downtown Riverside will always have something lively going on. I stumbled upon the Riverside Arts Walk one Thursday evening a few years ago. My friend happened to be running late and, like good friends, we waited for her. Long story short, we missed most of the event; we were only able to attend for the last 30 minutes. I saw enough to know that it was an event that I wanted to revisit someday.

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