Jesus “Chuy” Moreno

From: Torrance, CA
Major: Business Administration, MBA in Human Resources, MBA in Marketing
Involvements: Athletic trainer, Athletics office manager

Shelby Madigan

From: Meadow Vista, CA
Major: Exercise Science
Involvements: women’s volleyball team, women’s basketball team, Student Athlete Advisory Committee member

What role has sports played in your friendship?

Chuy: We both played sports growing up and at the college level. So it’s something that has been a huge part of our lives and relationship.
Shelby: Because both of us are athletic and competitive, we push each other in whatever sports we do.

What’s the dynamic of your friendship?

Shelby:  When either one of us needs comfort or support, we always have one another. We really know each other’s strengths and weaknesses in great detail, which makes our relationship very strong.

What have you learned from each other?

Chuy: With Shelby, I’ve been able to connect more with someone I care about. She helps me become more confident and responsible, and she supports me no matter what. When things go bad, she’s there to help.
Shelby: Chuy has taught me that even when experiencing painful times, you have to remain strong for those around you as well as yourself. He challenges me—in school and on the court— and his incredible work ethic helps me grow.

Fun experiences?

Chuy & Shelby: Riding quads on the sand dunes at Pismo Beach, crossfit games, time at the lake, dirt bike riding.