From: Riverside, California
Major: Liberal Studies

Robyn Miller began playing volleyball as a high school sophomore—late for most successful college starters—but she quickly made up for lost time. These days she’s an outside hitter for La Sierra’s successful women’s volleyball team. The Golden Eagles advanced to the Cal Pac Championship for the third time in three years, with a 22-8 season in which Robyn ranked second on her team for total kills.

Volleyball has been a big help academically. “It’s taught me to manage my time,” Robyn says. “If I do, it really isn’t too hard to balance school and volleyball.” Robyn sees the game complementing her career goal—to teach kindergarten—as she spends time coaching at schools and clinics.

Volleyball has played a key role in Robyn’s life. It has helped her build close friendships. “It’s taught me responsibility, leadership, and respect,” she says. It even has an impact outside of volleyball season. “One of my favorite things to do when I’m not playing is go to the beach . . . but even there I play volleyball!”

Best Volleyball Moment?
Overcoming obstacles as a team, through strength and conditioning, so we were able to beat tough opponents.

Best Academic Moment?
That feeling of finishing a hard class like physics and realizing you did better than you thought.

Favorite Professional Volleyball Players?
Keri Walsh and Sean Rosenthal.

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