Mandy Shultz

From: El Cajon, CA
Major: English-Writing
Involvements: Assistant coordinator for First Service; Campus Activities Board; Calkins Hall Customer Service Rep

Kayla Santos

From: Needles, CA
Major: English-Writing
Involvements: Social RA, Calkins Hall; Campus Activities Board; VP of Writer’s Block club

What have you learned from each other?

Kayla: Mandy has taught me that no matter what people think or say, you have to keep doing your job and doing it well. She has also taught me that forgiveness and love are always possible.
Mandy: Kayla’s taught me that strength doesn’t come only from overcoming obstacles, but from being vulnerable with those around you. That’s when friendships grow and are strengthened.

What’s the dynamic of your friendship?

Kayla: We are supportive and nurturing toward one another. We look out for each other and are always willing to listen. It’s a healing and soothing relationship, where we also have a lot of fun and laughs.
Mandy: Extremely easy-going and relaxed. We have a ton of fun, but neither of us feels pressured to be something we’re not around each other. 

What activities do you share?

Mandy: We both LOVE to read. We’re always talking about books we like. We also love food and nature, so we often go
on picnics.
Kayla: Mandy and I can have deep meaningful discussions one moment and be ridiculous and silly the next, without skipping a beat. We understand each other well and often can tell what the other is thinking.