Major: Biology/Pre-Veterinary Medicine
From: Rosemead, CA

8:23 am. Finally rolled myself out of bed to get ready for the day!

9 am. Rushed to my Developmental Biology class. My stomach lectured me the entire hour for skipping breakfast. How embarrassing.

10 am. Grabbed a yogurt parfait and a bag of chips from the Eagle’s Nest.

10:30 am. Back to Angwin to work on a bit of homework.

11 am. Met up with some friends on the way to Chapel.

12 pm. Vegetarian sushi in the caf! Got a to-go box and ate with friends in Angwin Lobby.

1 pm. Back in my room, I snuck in a short nap before my next class.

2:45 pm. Crammed for my Tools and Methods quiz.

3-5:30pm. Tools and Methods class. Almost three hours of research paper discussions.

6 pm. Went to my Science at the Cutting Edge class.

7:30 pm. Out to eat with a couple of friends.

9 pm. Tried to do some homework, wasn’t very productive.

10:30 pm. Raced my fellow Resident Assistants to see who could finish room check first. Didn’t win… but at least I wasn’t last!

11:30 pm. Read a bit of my Developmental Bio book until my eyes started drooping.

12:30 pm. Lights out.