IGNITE is La Sierra’s three-day orientation for freshmen and transfer students. It’s packed with activities to help you transition to college life: talent show, welcome walk, “blessings” ser- vice with parents. But it’s your assigned “family group” that particularly helps you feel part of La Sierra campus life. We asked one family group and its leader to talk about their experiences during IGNITE and the fall semester.

What were some of your family group activities at Orientation?

All: Icebreaker games like Heads-Up, Ellen Degeneres Charades, and Ninja. A hot potato game where we had to reveal stuff about ourselves. Twenty questions. Workshops about college life. We did a community service project at a retirement and recovery home. “Breakout” worships.

Describe your family group.

Alexis: Our group had a variety of personalities from introvert to extrovert, with a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds. We always have positive vibes when we come together.

Kate: Some of my family group members are just the best! They’re funny, easy to talk to, helpful, and just over-all great people. I can definitely open up and trust them, and they can always trust me with whatever is on their mind.

Stephen: We had fun together. When we hung out, it definitely was not boring or awkward.

Has your family group come together during fall quarter?

Laurel: We had doughnuts together and talked about our classes. That was fun. Whenever I need help, I text my leader, Candace, and she’s great at either answering my questions or directing me to someone who knows what I need.

How has the family group enriched your experience?

Stephen: They certainly helped me start making friends. I know that without them, the process of being “social” would have been remarkably slower.

Alexis: Coming from Texas, I knew no one here at La Sierra, and the family group was a very useful way to get to know a group of people right from the beginning. Meeting these people allowed me to have people to turn to if I needed any help from the beginning of the quarter.

Laurel: By knowing them, I was introduced to others who have become my close friends.

Kate: Itdefinitelymadecollegeless overwhelming! I felt more confident to start the first day. I can rely on some of my family group members for class notes, advice, or simply to talk about everyday things.

Candace: By the end of IGNITE, they have a group of friends who are going through the same changes as they are. It helps them set a good foundation for their first year. As group leader, I got to know them as new freshman and as individuals; I now have an almost parental relationship with them, helping them in any way I can.

Here are some pictures of the other family groups at IGNITE

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