Food service is more than a college job to Mylon (manager of The Commons) and Adam (student supervisor of the Eagle’s Nest). Both have a passion for food. Mylon worked his way up from dishwasher to cook to manager. Adam may attend culinary school after he graduates.

What’s your food philosophy?

MM: Food is what brings people together. I like food that I can eat with my hands. Indian food is great, using naan bread to pick up curry. Same goes for a burger — with a really good burger, you have to make a mess.

What’s your favorite dish on campus?

MM: Rice and beans, Caribbean style, and vegetarian jerk chicken breast.
AB: Pasta made fresh for students, served with vegetables and marinara, alfredo, and pesto sauces.

Favorite dish you’d like to introduce?

MM: A quesadilla burger.
AB: I’ve had the privilege of introducing three items to our menu: Adam Bomb (grilled cheese on Texas toast, filled with a burger, lettuce, tomato, red onion, feta cheese, buffalo sauce, and ranch dressing); Barbecue Chicken Pizza; and Chicken Parmesan Melt (all are vegetarian).

What are the “meatiest” protein choices for students new to a vegetarian diet?

MM: Just about all of our “meats” here are made from soy. We have a large salad bar offering nuts and other proteins.
AB: Most of our protein is through vegetarian meats. For example, we have a vegetarian chili that is hearty with protein.

How do the Commons and the Eagle’s Nest provide an ever healthier/ fresher menu?

MM: We try to use less oil/butter and offer more fruits and vegetables, which we get from local farmers.
AB: We’ve started using our grill more instead of frying. The speed is not diminished very much, and the food tastes much better as well as being healthier and less greasy.

Do student suggestions help you evolve your menus?

AB: We keep an ear out for what students are clamoring for. This quarter, we were asked about the possibility of gluten-free items.  So, we brought in gluten-free bread for our sandwiches (upon request), as well as gluten-free muffins and bagels.