Even during ‘normal’ times, managing one’s money can be a challenge, especially during college! For tips on how to reduce costs and increase income, take a look at this presentation. You will learn how to establish an emergency budget and save for a rainy day, even if you have limited income to begin with, and you will learn specific ways to rearrange your money or earn money. 

The process begins by assessing your current expenses and eliminating all unnecessary costs while finding free or reduced-fee alternatives to entertainment and things that you would like to spend money on, like streaming services or fast food. Learn tricks to reduce what you pay for utilities and other necessary expenses. For example, some companies might be able to provide phone or electricity services to you at a reduced fee if you call and ask about it. 

Don’t want to cut back, or perhaps can’t cut back on expenditures? You will be presented with specific ideas for adding to your bank account through freelance work opportunities, saving money through discounts, and by taking advantage of government funds that may be available to you. For the full details, click through the presentation.

To access the module embedded below, we recommend you use a Chrome browser and access it on a computer. If you are on a mobile device or tablet, you can click on this link to access the module or download the Nearpod app and type in the lesson code: JWS9M
Lesson code: JWS9M
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Courtesy of Andrea Schröer, Financial Literacy Specialist, GPS to STEM Title V Grant Project