What’s a fun and creative way to get involved in student life on campus? Drama and Film. You can act, direct, do tech, and attend all kinds of productions, with free tickets provided by the student government! Find out more from major players Alyssa and Ryan.

Why should freshmen get involved with drama?

AH: College is the time to venture out and really find yourself. Drama is the perfect outlet for learning what makes you nervous, happy, or scared. The experience you gain in drama can be used in any aspect of life.

Can anyone participate in theater and film productions?

AH: Yes, it’s as easy as auditioning or signing up for a class. In my Intro to Acting class, there were so many people with all different majors. It was so cool.

RY: Anyone can get involved. Film encourages others to join and experiment.

How has theater affected your social life on campus?

AH: Being in theater has opened me up to so many new people and opportunities. The people I have met in my drama class have become some of my closest friends.

RY: When you perform in front of other students, people on campus start to recognize you and talk to you.

Are theatre and film a hub for student life on campus?

AH: Theater definitely is. There are so many different theater events that students can go to and socialize at. Every month there’s an improv show, and every quarter there’s a play that anyone on campus can audition for. As far as film, although it is fairly new, the department is starting to hold events such as movie nights.

Any advice for freshmen interested in the film program?

RY: If you are really passionate about filmmaking, and willing to take constructive criticism and make mistakes, then this business is right for you. Join the film program to tell a story only YOU can tell.

One of your funniest drama experiences?

AH: Ryan and I did a scene from The Diary of Anne Frank where Anne and her friend kiss. I didn’t know Ryan at all, so it was super-awkward. But the more we practiced the scene, the better it got.

What kind of career do you want in film?

RY: I plan on becoming a scriptwriter, director, and editor. I can’t pick one because I just love doing all three.

Do you want a career in film?

AH: My dream is to go to film school and get a master’s in directing. La Sierra theatre has helped me gain the confidence and experience to follow my dream.