Matthew (Hew) Murdoch

Home Town: Loma Linda, CA  |  Major: Archaeology  |  Minor: Spanish

Study Abroad: Universidad Adventista Del Plata, Argentina, 2013-14

“Even before I had a chance to become a confident communicator, I was pulled into adventures. The most memorable was a road trip to the town of Itati in the north of Argentina. The weekend’s activities included gorging myself on a fish called asado, catching toothy piranha with a bamboo pole, and trying to pull our boat free of a piranha-infested swamp!”


  • Friends I’ve made here—and their willingness to be patient with my slow language acquisition.
  • The food. Incredible!
  • My trip to Itati. I felt like a real traveler experiencing the lives of my friends.


That’s a hard question since I’m in the middle of experiencing my year abroad. As an archaeologist-in-training, I’m looking forward to traveling around South America in May and June. I plan to go Peru and Bolivia, and it should be a marvelous chance to experience the region’s unique cultures and ruins.

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