As a young boy, Ryan attended his first classical concert and was thrilled by the music. He asked his parents for a violin and began to play. At the same time, growing up near Loma Linda University Medical Center, he was introduced to the world of medicine.

Flash forward to the present and we find Ryan pursuing an interdisciplinary path. A music major at La Sierra, he plays in the university orchestra and in multiple chamber music groups. He’s also a pre-med student, minoring in chemistry. Ryan finds that music and science complement each other. “After studying for my science classes, practicing my violin is a way to relax and think of something other than mechanisms, word problems, and all that fun stuff that comes with being pre-med!”

His dual pursuits have taught him that reaping rewards like playing Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 8 in concert, or seeing an “A” at the top of a science test requires a lot of hard work.

Pre-Med Program

  • Required: 14 science & math courses
  • GPA: aim for 3.8 or higher
  • Join: the Pre-Medical Club
  • Sign up: medical mission service

Music Ensembles @ La Sierra

  • La Sierra University Orchestra
  • Woodwind Quintet
  • Wind Ensemble
  • String Quartet
  • Sax Quartet
  • Brass Quintet
  • Big Band
  • Jazz Ensemble

A sampling of selections from the La Sierra University Orchestra:
Carmen Suite—Chanson du Toreador


A sampling of selections from the La Sierra String Quartet:
Concerto for Four Violins in B minor, Op. 3, No. 10, III. Allegro (Antonio Vivaldi)

Piano Quintet in F Minor Op 34

A selection from the La Sierra Wind Ensemble:
Godzilla Eats Las Vegas