When searching for your dream school, you may have come across the term “liberal arts education.” It does not mean that you are going to be studying art, but it does mean that you are going to be studying more than just your major requirements. This may sound like more work, but the benefits outweigh the amount of work you put in.

So, what does going to a liberal arts university like La Sierra University actually mean? A liberal arts school will provide you with a broader range of information, emphasizing areas of study which expose you to general knowledge rather than honing one specific skill set like many vocational schools do.

With a liberal arts education you will be taking courses in subjects such as humanities, social sciences, and creative arts. By developing a wider range of skills, you will be better prepared to join the workforce. With a well-rounded education, you will be able to think critically and view the world from multiple perspectives.

It might seem easier to only take science classes because you want to become a doctor. However, when you think about all the different components of being a doctor, such as engaging with patients, managing situations, and discussing treatment plans with families, it becomes clear that you would benefit from talking communication, management, and social work courses. This example only scratches the surface of how taking a variety of classes can help change the way you interact with the world. 

Graduating with a wide variety of skills gives you an advantage not only in the workplace, but also when going about everyday life. If you are debating whether or not a liberal arts education is for you, consider the benefits that it will bring to being a successful individual come graduation.