Have you ever had to make a PowerPoint presentation in front of your class and as soon as you stood up, you forgot everything? Or, remember the time that you had an argument with a friend that did not end very well because you didn’t know what to say or how to say it?

Both of those scenarios could have been remedied by having completed a communication course. Why? Because a comm course provides you with the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively and accurately.

Communication is listed as the number one skill looked for in potential employees. By honing your communication skills while in university, you will have an advantage during future job interviews. There are a wide variety of communication courses offered, but there are definitely those which would be more beneficial to non-communication majors.

  1. Public Speaking

Being able to speak in front of your class is just the beginning of applications for the skills you gain in this class. Learn how to turn your nerves from your weakness into your advantage. After this class, you’ll no longer be dreading presentation days.

  1. Interpersonal Communication

Debating between sending an email to your professor or visiting during office hours? Interpersonal comm will teach you how to communicate effectively in any communication situation. This means you will know exactly what to do, whether it be confronting your boss about a raise or listening to a friend in need.

  1. Gender and Communication

Have you ever felt that communicating with the opposite gender was more difficult? It could be because neither of you understand each other’s ways of communicating. By understanding the opposite gender and gaining a deeper understanding of your own gender, you will be able to better communicate and empathize with those you interact with.

It may seem like taking a communication course would waste your time if it is not a requirement for your major, but stepping out of your comfort zone can help you become a more successful individual.