Interviewed by Jon Payne

As the pre-health advisor, chemistry professor Krista Motschiedler is a person every pre-health major needs to know. Biochemistry major Jon Payne has come to know Professor Motschiedler over the course of three classes and a shared involvement in the honors program.

JP: What’s the most useful resource the pre-health office offers to students?

KM: It’s hard to pick just one. We have a lot of expertise about many different careers, application processes, and requirements. We also offer special classes and seminars, as well as providing contacts to professionals in the community.

JP: What makes you particularly qualified to advise pre-health students?

KM: I teach one of the core pre-health required classes, Organic Chemistry, so I know many pre-health students already and where they are academically. I’ve also served on our Pre-Professional Recommendations Committee for years, so I’m familiar with what makes an applicant successful.

JP: Why did you decide to become a pre-health advisor?

KM: This is one of the most direct and concrete ways that I can help students reach their goals. It’s great to be able to guide them to a career that is right for them.

JP: When should a student come talk to you?

KM: As soon as possible in their college career! Many times students wait until they are starting the application process to professional school. That may be too late to address any gaps they may have in experience, service, shadowing, etc.

JP: What’s one thing you wish every student knew before they came in to see you?

KM: They need to know themselves. I can’t tell them what career they should go into, and neither can anybody else! They need to find their passion for a particular field, and then I can help them pursue that goal.

JP: What are the rewards of advisement?

KM: Text messages from students when they get their acceptance letters to professional school, and it’s fantastic to be able to share in their joy at that moment.