Daniel Larios

Home Town: Oakland, CA
Major: Film & Television
Emphasis: Script Writing
Involvements: Honors Program, film program worker, drama, TEDxLaSierraUniversity

Film lets you escape for a couple of hours,
and you return with a story in you.

Why are you passionate about working in film?

I was an anti-social 13-year-old, and movies transported me away. Film has the power to do that, to shed light on places, people, feelings, and situations you might otherwise never experience. I couldn’t stay anti-social for long; film made me want to share stories.

How has your film work transformed you?

Film is a magnificently collaborative art. You have to find where you fit in the picture—pun not intended. I came into the film program believing I would be a director or producer. But those plans went out the window after taking my first scriptwriting class.

How would you like to transform film?

Film didn’t light my fire until I started watching films that say something about society or humanity. I want to make films that cause discussion and inspire positive change.

Favorite La Sierra film project?

The Butterfly, The Harp and The Timepiece—a short film Professor Rodney Vance directed, with the vision of students and professionals working together. As a production assistant, I drove the star of the film, Oscar-winning actress Melissa Leo! She encouraged me to continue writing.

Some favorite film directors?

Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchcock, Jason Reitman,
and David Fincher.