Lauren Prado

Home Town: Riverside, CA
Fine Arts
Emphasis: Textiles

Art is who I am.
It’s what makes me Lauren.
It’s the way that I perceive and relate to the world around me.

How has your artwork transformed you?

Transformation is a daily thing; it’s in the process of creating. I color my world first and then I detail it. That’s pretty much how I look at my life. The joy of living first (the color) and then the hard work (the detailed embroidery) to make it livable and beautiful.

Why textiles?

I became really interested in punk culture. I wanted to be a punk without getting “grounded,” so I drew band logos on the backs of my sweaters and sewed patches onto all my clothing. This opened the gateway to my love of sewing and fabrics. It’s the medium I feel most connected with.

Favorite La Sierra art project?

My senior project, entitled “My Community,” was my most ambitious. It consisted of 29 hand-embroidered batik pieces. It was a very personal journey for me as an artist. I created a community for myself, breaking down the human essence into a tactile form.

The future?

There’s a great quote from Finn the Human: “Everything small is just a smaller version of something big!” Hopefully one day my art will be a part of the bigger picture, but until then, all I can do is keep working hard.

Favorite artist?

Angie Wang, an illustrator and cartoonist.