Run the entertainment engine.

The entertainment business is more than “the talent.” Check out the Communication department’s new emphasis in media studies. The multidisciplinary program is designed for students who want to be in management positions like broadcasting production supervisor or television producer.
Some classes: Video Production, Media Criticism, Media Writing, Media Law.

It pays to think.

If you’re drawn to relativity, string theory, and subatomic particles, your inventive thinking and problem-solving abilities are in demand for careers in medicine, engineering, astronomy, and other fields. The Physics major, missing at La Sierra since 1998, has returned!
Some classes: Computational Physics, Astronomy, Advanced Mechanics, Physics of Bio-materials, Quantum Physics.

Help save the planet.

Growing concern over our planet’s health has led to more job opportunities in environmental science. The interdisciplinary Environmental Science major offers two tracks: natural science and physical science.
Some classes: Marine Biology, Environmental Toxicology, and courses in economics, history, ethics, and law.

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