How to Go Outside From Indoors

It’s been a challenging few weeks for people everywhere. Navigating these changes and learning to adapt to a socially distanced lifestyle can be incredibly frustrating. Maybe you have a travel bug that’s eating you up inside, or maybe you’ve been dying to visit your local park. Luckily for those of us who miss traveling, hiking, or just being outside, there’s a way to experience the outdoors from the comfort and safety of your own couch.

1. National Parks

According to the National Park Service website, it’s easier than ever to experience the great outdoors without having to adhere to restrictive (yet extremely necessary) CDC guidelines. National Park services offer virtual viewings either live on their website or through frequent postings on their social media. Their virtual programs offer a variety of things such as live webcams of watching wildlife, viewing the cherry blossoms bloom on the National Mall, daily virtual tours of the USS Constitution, virtual tours of Yellowstone National Park, and other fun online activities. With modern technology, you can travel across the country, right from your home.

2. Google’s Arts & Culture

Thanks to Google, viewing famous and historic sites has become possible without the pricey plane ticket. If you’re searching for Arts & Culture, Google’s street view is presenting an innovative way to explore landmarks around the world. View the Taj Mahal in Agra, India or explore the British Museum in London. The possibilities are endless with new ways to learn about the world.

3. Explore the Ocean

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, also known as BOEM, has a plethora of exciting shipwreck videos that’ll make you feel like a professional diver. Ever been curious of a fish’s perspective? Well, now’s your chance. In addition to videos, they also share fascinating 3D models and Mosaic Maps, inviting you to share their love for the sea and Marine Archaeology.


Ever wanted to visit NASA? Now you can, and without all the long lines. NASA’s Glenn Research Center is opening up its facilities to online exploration. If you visit their website you can see pictures and testings! Whether you want a virtual tour of NASA’s Supersonic Wind Tunnel (feel free to turn on your living room fan for dramatic effect), or you’re curious about Zero-Gravity, NASA Glenn Virtual Tours is the website for you. Release your inner astronaut (space suits not included).

5. Historic Sites and Museums

Similar to the National Parks, historic sites have upped their game by offering virtual tours online. Best of all, it’s free! For instance, visiting the Louvre Museum located in Paris, France would cost you not just an entrance fee but a pricey plane ticket— but thanks to technological flexibility, it’s possible to “travel” for just the price of your wifi. You can also visit the Guggenheim Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, and many others. Who said quarantine had to be boring?

Hopefully these recommendations will encourage you to hang in there as we go through this challenging time together. We hope to have you join us on campus in the Fall. Until then, stay healthy!

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