A daily spiritual thought | Friday April 10, 2020

One of the good advices for this time of crisis is to exercise regularly. My wife and I try to walk each day between four and five miles. We are able start walking right outside of our lot; we don’t need to drive in order to walk. Passing through our neighborhood I realized that the front yards look so much nicer and cleaner these days; everybody seems to have enough time to work, clean, and care for their front yards.

The lock-down has limited people to their homes; suddenly they recognize the need of cleaning up their front yard; they focus on what is close to their home.

This is a good time to focus on your family, those who are the closest to you. Often times we take family and family relations for granted.

A recent news report indicated an increase of domestic violence cases; hospitals and emergency rooms have to deal with a rise in stabbings and shootings – are we suddenly too close to each other?

These times give us the chance to re-discover nearness, to practice closeness, to sympathize.

When we come really close to each other we become real.

I pray that you experience God’s grace and love today!

—Friedbert Ninow