A daily spiritual thought | Tuesday April 14, 2020

I love photography, especially landscape and portrait photography.I love being outside and trying to capture the beauty of the desert, the vastness of the Grand Canyon, the freshness of the beach, the grandeur of the mountains.

Back in Germany, the Alps are one of my favorite destinations.

Sitting on the shore of a mountain lake, observing the reflections of the panorama in the crystal-clear water humbles my soul; it drives me to praise the creator. The impression of this beauty is immediate, it conquers one instantly.

But there is beauty around that needs a second look, a longer gaze. Little flowers along the path, waiting for a butterfly to rest on a flower and to spread its wings…

Last year I started to expand my photography experience – I ventured into astrophotography!

The Inland Empire is a very difficult place to start astrophotography – light pollution! All over the place –

Yet, with the right equipment you can achieve quite a bit!

What I discovered? Sometimes, I have to take a single shot with an exposure time of 5 or 10 minutes. Only over time the pictures reveal the beauty of the sky which is not observable to our naked eyes … It takes time to discover beauty!

Take time to discover beauty that is around you.

I pray that you experience God’s grace and love today!

—Friedbert Ninow