So you’re almost done with your associate’s degree—that’s a great accomplishment! But what comes next? Many students wonder if it’s worth their time and money to upgrade to a 4-year university degree. Here’s are a few stats to help you decide the right path for your continuing education.

What’s the price tag?

In terms of cost, you probably already know that your associate’s is significantly less expensive than a bachelor’s degree. This is partly because AA degrees take about half the time and don’t involve a 4-year university’s hefty premium. While the average tuition cost for a 2-year college in California is around $4,000, the tuition for 4-year institutions is nearly $14,000. That’s a pretty huge difference for most people, especially if you don’t love the idea of taking out school loans.

What’s the difference?

While tuition money is a big factor in the decision-making of most students, there is so much more to consider. Did you know that on average, students who complete a bachelor’s degree earn 20% more annually across all income percentiles versus their associate’s degree counterparts? And if you’re lucky enough to land a 90th percentile job with that bachelor’s degree, you could even earn 70% more than someone in the same field who only earned an AA. Studies have also found that bachelor’s holders have a higher chance of staying employed when those budget cuts come calling.

Is it worth it?

At La Sierra University, we believe it is. Not only does a bachelor’s degree from a university like ours mean that you’ll earn more money over the course of your lifetime, it also comes with a higher level of responsibility, recognition, and respect from your peers and colleagues.

Still not sure if this is the right path for you? You can learn more about the differences between associate’s and bachelor’s degrees by visiting websites like, or by getting in touch with one of our Enrollment Counselors.